Learning by Watching

One of my favorite ways to learn about sports injuries is to watch them on TV (or youtube). I have seen a lot of common injuries in person as an athletic trainer, soccer and softball player. It’s an unfortunate thing to suffer from a sports injury. Sadly, my collegiate softball career came to an end when I dove for a ball and broke my radius (Colles fracture). While you may not ‘enjoy’ watching an injury occur, there’s no better way to understand a mechanism of injury better than to see it happen.

I will warn you…this is a heart breaking injury! It is likely that this athlete will never play football again. He fractured his femur and tore his ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL ligaments. That’s all 4 knee ligaments…a pretty rare injury.


Massage in the ABQ Community

One of my favorite parts of being a school owner is that I can choose to bring our students and staff out of the school in order to teach the community about the benefits of massage.  We work one event a month (at least) so that we can stay connected.  I ‘require’ the each student in their last term to plan and execute an entire event so that they can begin the process of establishing a partnership with a local group.

Here is a list of the local events we have participated in over the last year:

  1. Kirtland Air Force Base Spouse Appreciation Day (military personnel and their families)
  2. Presbyterian Hospital Nurses Appreciation Day
  3. Lovelace Physical and Occupational Therapists Employees
  4. Orbit and Louie Lobo at PresFest Westside
  5. New Mexico Public Health Conference attendees
  6. UNM NE Heights Family Health Clinic staff
  7. Advocacy in Action Crime Victims Conference
  8. Ronald McDonald House families and volunteers
  9. Albuquerque Area Fire Fighters Union
  10. Corrales Old San Ysidro Church Docents
  11. Vessel Health Open House attendees
  12. Age to Age Counseling Agency counselors

About this blogger

I am certainly not the first, best, most qualified massage meme on the internet.  When I read the Richard Dawkins (the author credited for coining the term meme) book called The Selfish Gene, I was in my mid-twenties searching for myself in my genome.  While I cannot say I ‘found myself,’ I will say that right around that time I decided that I was going to dedicated myself to the field of massage therapy.

Fast forward to 2012…I currently own a massage therapy school in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The ABQ School of Massage has provided me with the ability to share my love of the massage therapy profession with the community.  I love watching adults grow through the process of learning how to touch another human being.  I will share my thoughts on the educational process of my students, my educational process as a young(er) massage school owner, and how it’s possible to utilize technology to improve the delivery of curriculum in the field of massage therapy.


Dawn Saunders, BS, ATC, LMT